How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds

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We understand the love you have for your beautiful new baby. We also understand the stress it can cause you to see your baby struggle to sleep and have a disrupted bedtime routine. Therefore we have compiled this list of 9 tried and tested tips and tricks to help get your baby to sleep in less than 40 seconds!

9 Ways to get your Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds

Tip 1 - Red Light

Studies have indicated that blue light keeps human's awake. Blue light stimulates cortisol production and suppresses melatonin production, which impacts sleep negatively. Melatonin is our sleep hormone and you want to ensure your baby produces it optimal before sleep.

red light bulb

Red light does not disrupt melatonin production which means your baby can get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer when under red light rather than blue light.

We recommend you try red light bulbs, blue light blocking lamps and motion sensor night lights in your baby's room prior to bed.


Tip 2 - The Tissue Trick

An old wives tale but extremely effective at getting your baby to drift off to sleep in 4 seconds or less. Lightly drag a dry tissue across yoru baby's forehead to soothe them before sleep


tissue trick for getting a baby to sleep

Tip 3 - White Noise

It has been argued that white noise resembles sounds your baby heard when in your womb. It has also been shown in this study that white noise can help people sleep better.


fan for white noise


By using a fan, white noise machine or even having your baby's crib near a mashing machine may be able to help them get to sleep faster.


Tip 4 - More Natural Light

Natural light entrains your circadian rhythm. The same may be true for your baby. Natural sunlight also helps produce more serotonin

Tryptophan also increases serotonin, which then increases melatonin in the presence of darkness. 

baby and family getting natural sunlight


By getting yoru baby outside in natural light more, may help them fall asleep faster later in the day. Just be sure that its safe sun exposure!


Tip 5 - Running Water

There is a reason that you will hear the sounds of rain, waterfalls or a babbling brook when in a spa, its relaxing. The same can be true for your infant. By playing sounds of running water your baby should be able to drift off into a sound sleep quicker than if no running water was present.


running water for better sleep

Tip 6 - Rock and Swaddle

Swaddling will mimic the enclosed space your child had in your womb. This will comfort them, help them relax and be off to sleep in record time. It will also help a newborn baby feel safe.


swaddled baby


Swinging or gently rocking your baby can also help relax them and get them to sleep in under 40 seconds. Much like old people do in a rocking chair, you can gently rock your baby in your arms until they drift off to sleep.


Tip 7 - Touch

Touch has been used for generations to relax us. Light strokes, tickles and massage are all techniques used to relax us. Gently stroking your baby's cheeks, forehead or arms. Babies feel your touch and can then get a good night sleep.


mother stroking her baby's head

Tip 8 - Chant

Another fantastic relaxation technique used by tribes for tens of thousands of years, chanting will relax your baby. By chanting to your baby you are allowing them to be soothed by your voice which also channeling them to sleep quicker using this ancient tradition.


chanting to baby

Tip 9 - Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are an excellent tool to help your baby fall asleep faster. But playing binaural beats between 1 and 30 Hz you can create the same brain wave patterns experienced during meditation.


Binaural Beats for Sleep


This will assist in getting your baby to sleep faster.


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