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Light Sensitivity Glasses and Glasses for Migraines and Headaches

Combine optimal science with ultimate style with light sensitivity glasses for migraines. Long hours in front of a screen can lead to sensitivity, dry eyes, and regular headaches.

Light sensitivity glasses are an evidence-based revolution within the world of eyewear to provide relief at long last.

Choose from the BON CHARGE collection of stylish, elegant eyewear and make frustrating, painful photophobia symptoms a thing of the past.

What are Light Sensitivity Glasses?

Blue light is everywhere. Both digital devices and the sun itself emit harmful amounts of blue light over time. But not everyone can stay inside and step away from electronic devices. Our lives revolve around screens and changing your lifestyle is challenging for most, and impossible for many.

Luckily, there’s a much simpler (and stylish) option: a pair of glasses that can filter out shortwave blue light. The revolution in eyewear is here, and it starts with BON CHARGE.

Living with light sensitivity is challenging. The symptoms are not only frustrating but, for many, can hinder daily activities due to severe migraines or tension headaches.

Migraine blue light glasses counter the harsh lights emanating from mobile devices, computer screens, and fluorescent office lights to minimize their effects.

Blue light sensitivity glasses have been shown to count eract the wavelengths originating from digital devices. With most suffering from digital eye strain and resulting headaches, migraine light sensitivity glasses offer a range of therapeutic benefits designed to improve quality of life at an affordable price.

We believe that everyone should have access to eye health protection, no matter their age or background. Whether you need blue light glasses for kids or a stylish pair for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

With BON CHARGE, wearing glasses for light sensitivity doesn’t mean compromising on style. Get the latest trends and enjoy a higher quality of life today.

How Blue Light Glasses Work?

Blue light glasses for migraines are a game changer. Sitting in front of digital devices all day puts tremendous strain on the eyes, manifesting itself in athe form of dry eyes, headaches.

One of the most effective preventions for photophobia is to invest in specialized glasses for light sensitivity. These glasses utilize precision-engineered lenses and comprehensive frame protection to block the light, lessening symptoms, and discomfort.

These glasses filter out harmful wavelengths found within artificial indoor lights.

Select the right glasses for you, with varying levels of protection. Depending on the severity of photophobia, you need the lenses that suit your symptoms.

The human eye is naturally poor at filtering out blue light. Give it a little bit of help with state-of-the-art glasses. No prescription is required.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Glasses for Light Sensitivity

Glasses for sensitive eyes are fantastic. Other than reducing screen time, there was no solution. Until now.

Stepping away from smartphones or computers is not a practical solution for everyone. Purchase a pair of light-blocking glasses for headaches and light sensitivity, and reclaim your life today.

Reduce the Number of Headaches

Blue light is a trigger for headaches in many people. Depending on the severity of photophobia, these headaches may range from a dull, irritating pain to a migraine.

Stop living your life around your headaches and get quality eyewear that actively protects against them. Wearing light sensitivity glasses is a simple, affordable way of mitigating this trigger.

Spend less time lying in a dark room and more time getting the most out of life with blue light glasses for migraines.

Eliminate Eye Strain

Staring at the screen all day can put undue strain on the eyes. When people spend time in front of the screen, they tend to blink less. The eyes require regular blinking to moisten the eyes and flex the muscle.

Limited blinking means more stress on the eye. Eye and muscle strain can lead to “itchy eyes” and fatigue. Invest in blue light glasses for headaches and make eye strain a thing of the past.

Enjoy More Restful Sleep

Walking in the sun makes the human body feel more alert. Spending time on a smartphone before bed also makes people feel more alert.

Shorter wavelengths emitted from mobile devices delays melatonin release. Slowed release means the body is expecting to stay awake. Take a melatonin reset before bed with blue light glasses. Thousands of blue light glasses wearers report better, longer, and more restful sleep.

BON CHARGE also offers specialized glasses specifically designed for sleep. If you’re having trouble getting to and staying asleep at night, check out our collection of blue light blocking glasses for sleep

Reduce Your Risk of Eye Damage

The eye lens and cornea are designed to stop harmful UV rays from reaching the retina and causing permanent damage. Yet studies have shown that they are largely ineffective at filtering and blocking the visible blue light.

Support your eyes not only in reducing symptoms of excessive digital device use but in protecting your vision for the future.

If you’re curious about the science, we have linked many peer reviewed studies throughout this article.

Invest in a pair of stylish BON CHARGE light sensitivity glasses and enjoy an improved quality of life today.